SYN-RG Anti Aging Payment Details

Contains:  Glandular extract (telomerase replacement), Amino hTERT Complex, Pure Astaxanthin, Trans-Resveratrol 99%, B-12 as methylcobalamin, Folate, D3, B-Complex, Selenium, Molybdenum, Vitamin C, Purified water, Natural Flavors.

Highest product quality and effectiveness guaranteed.

Telomerase Enzyme Anti-Aging Supplement.

Designed and formulated to maintain and improve telomere

length utilizing telomerase enzyme replacement, powerful antioxidants/anti-inflammatories, and key nutrients.

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​​ A Profound Nobel Prize Winning Revelation Showed All Of Us A New Way To Look At Human Biological Aging, And Gave Us The Exact Formula We Needed To Produce The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Supplement Available Anywhere.

Dear Reader,

Let me ask you a few quick questions, and please be 100% honest with yourself when you answer…

Would you like to slow down the rate at which you’re aging?

Would you like to look and feel YOUNGER, have the youthful energy levels you once had, and improve your health, both in the short and long-term?

Would you like to do everything in your power to protect your body against the ravages of time, so that you’re far less susceptible to illness and disease than you are right now?

And finally…

Would you like to actually REVERSE some of the signs of aging?!

The telomere is the small protective “end cap” located on the ends of our chromosomes (which carry our genetic information).

You can think of a telomere as the plastic tip on the end of a shoelace.

It protects the chromosome, keeps it from getting tangled, and prevents it from fraying.

​This is very important, because if chromosomes fray or fuse together, the genetic information becomes scrambled.

​​Through research, we have discovered that everytime your cells replicate, part of the telomere is lost.

​Now, keep in mind, there are multiple factors involved with telomere shortening- lack of proper excersize, diet, life-style, and so on, but mostly .. it’s just due to the natural process of cell division…

A continuous life-long Process.  The unyielding necessity for your body’s cells to “renew and repeat.”

​As your cells carry on, your chromosome’s protective “end-caps” (telomeres) continue to shorten, and your DNA inevitably becomes compromised.

Once this occurs, it becomes impossible for cells to replicate perfectly again, causing genetic mutations, disease and degenerative age-related damage to the body.

Telomeres can be looked at as a biological tallying device–determining how many times each cell can replicate.  In other words .. telomeres determine the life-span of your cells .. and YOU.

​So as you can see, your youthfulness, quality of life, and even your life expectancy, depend on keeping your telomeres intact for as long as you can.

​When telomeres become too short, cells begin to die, cellular renewal ends, and the body simply ceases to live.

So, how do you slow down this process and maintain, or even improve your telomere length?

You Must Replenish The Critical Enzyme Your Body Is Lacking And Desperately Needs To Rebuild Your Telomeres And Uncover Your Youth​

You need more Telomerase Enzyme.  This unique enzyme is solely responsible for lengthening and rebuilding your telomeres…

Which allows your cells to continue to replicate, for longer…

Which consequently, slows down the aging process, and reverses aging-related damage.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well here’s the problem:  You stopped producing effective quantities of this telomere lengthening enzyme around the time you turned 25!

In fact, your telomeres are actually becoming shorter right now as you’re reading this.

But don’t worry too much…

Because this is the exact reason we created Syn-RG Advanced Telomere for you…

Syn-RG is designed to REPLENISH your natural telomerase enzyme levels, so you can keep your telomeres strong, enjoy a healthier, more vibrant life, and stay “biologically” younger, for longer.

You’ll look and feel like a new and improved you!

​A revolutionary new supplement based on Nobel Prize winning discoveries and the latest in telomere research, Syn-RG is on the leading edge of anti-aging technology, providing the most effective and most advanced telomere support supplement available. ​

Our product is designed and formulated to improve and maintain telomere length and total cell integrity, and in effect, slow down the aging process at the DNA-cellular level.

Syn-RG provides you with a highly effective solution to telomerase enzyme replenishment, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, plus critical key nutrients to strengthen and improve the health of the entire cell, including the telomere.

Syn-RG’s Advanced Telomere formula is a complete solution for combatting the signs of aging, both inside and out.  Designed for those who want to look younger, feel younger, and actually live younger.

​​Syn-RG is a complete Telomere support supplement designed to replenish lost telomerase enzyme activity, reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, slow down biological aging, repair degenerative aging-related damage at the cellular level, and reduce vulnerability to disease.​​​​


“The cause of aging is simple…             We age because our cells age.”

Think about it for a moment. . .​

What if you could slow down the aging process and even start to turn back the hands of time—to reveal a younger, healthier new you? There are literally hundreds of products out there that claim to do this and more… The problem with most of them is that they only just touch the surface… They only target the signs of aging on the outside. And while some of these products are very effective and produce the results they promise… They are not a lasting answer for real youth. So what is the answer to slowing down the aging process?

It’s simple:

The real answer to slowing down and reversing the effects of aging is to fight it where it all starts — deep within at the DNA-cellular level. You see, all of the signs of aging, such as:  wrinkles—sagging skin—health decline—hard to manage weight—loss of vigor and vitality—decline in memory and clarity of thought… Everything – all the things that start to go downhill when we age, Can all be linked to one thing: aging cells.

It’s really kind of a “catch 22.”

Let me explain: Your body is in a perpetual state of renewal.  Every single day, countless cells are forced to divide and replicate in order for you to carry on living.

​Your skin, muscles, bones and other tissues–everything that makes up your body must be constantly renewed through cellular replication.

​However, over time, your cells have become gradually weaker from performing this process many times over. This gradual weakening of your cells’ integrity is what you see and feel as “Aging.” Here’s the big question: can you slow down, and even reverse this process?

The answer is YES .. but how?

You Must Replenish The Critical DNA Component That Is Gradually Lost During This Continuous Life Long Cycle Of Renewal

You must rebuild and maintain your telomeres.  They are the critical components that regulate how long your cells can carry out the life long process of renewing your body.

SYN-RG Anti Aging Payment Details

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